Sunday, May 30, 2010

Honing my Sewing Skills

Well I haven't been sewing for "me" this weekend, at least not in the way that rewards me with a new outfit.  But I have been sewing.  I generally will not turn down a sewing job if I feel I have the skills to perform the work requested and the time to do it. The way I see it, every sewing opportunity is sewing for "me", because my skills will only get better the more I allow myself to be challenged, and that's good for "me" with "my" future outfits!   

This nightgown is over 20 years old and its owner loves the style, fit, fabric softness, etc. and asked if I could create a new one for her, as this one is getting threadbare in places and she hasn't been able to find a suitable ready-to-wear gown. 

Old Nightgown: 

As you can see I had a couple of tasks ahead of me.  First, I needed to draft the pattern.  I actually had a pattern in my stash for a blouse with a similar style.  So I ended up using the collar and neckband piece from Simplicity 2564, with my own drafted front and back pieces.  I did lay my pieces over the pattern's front and back piece to match the collar neckline.  Once I had the pattern ready, I cut it out of a lightweight, blue, polyester, satin chosen by the owner. 

The most important issue for the owner was comfort.  I was determined to make this using all french seams.  The old gown doesn't even have this, so I think she will be surprised when she feels the new gown against her skin.  Good thing I've been using this technique on several of my recent projects.  Here's a picture of the inside of her new gown.  There is not one single rough seam. 

Inside Garment:

I also finished the cuff on the sleeves like my blouse here, and I made walking slits like in the Avatar dress.  See how several of my recent projects came in handy for this one?  

Finished Garment:

This is the first time I have tried to re-create a ready-to-wear garment.  I feel proud of the final garment.  I just hope the owner is delighted!  I'll let you know how it goes.


Hatty said...

What about rounding off the shirt tails? My guess is that's one of the features she likes....

Julia said...

You did an awesome job recreating this favorite pajama shirt!