Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comfy Casual M4590

I'm not sure why I decided to make this next, but this pattern has been on my "to do" list for a long time.  The knit is from  It was described as a cotton knit, but it melted when I did the burn test, and it feels very soft, like a synthetic.  Because it is a synthetic, it is warmer than what I wanted, so I will not be wearing it too much this summer.  It will be perfect this fall/winter.  I really do love how it feels on.

This pattern is McCall's 4590.  I made view C in an XS.  I was concerned the sleeve would be too short, going with the XS, so I lengthened it about 1.25".  Good decision! Since the fabric is so sheer, I made french seams everywhere I could. 

There are a couple of things to note about construction.  My neck did not look as low or as wide as in the drawing when I hemmed it the way the pattern instructs you to.  So I cut 5/8" off the neck edge.  The instructions say to fold the neck line twice to hem.  This does not work well for how tight the curve is where the shoulder seam is.  To remedy this, I cut a band of fabric about 1" wide, against the grain (so it had stretch), the length of the neck band and stitched it to the neckband, right sides together.  Then I folded it in toward the wrong side, topstitched it with my coverstitch machine, and trimmed the excess fabric.  The neckline looks much better now. 

The instructions also tell you to finish the sleeve and cuff separately, then attach the cuff to the sleeve.  This is ok if you do not want topstitching around the top of your cuff.  It is too tight to try to do it after the cuff is attached.  In the future, I will stitch the cuff to the sleeve before I finish the underarm seam, so that I can add topstitching to the cuff.  Other than these two issues, the pattern was very easy and rewarding.  I'll be making this again soon! 

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Linda said...

This is cute! Love the look of the knit.