Sunday, May 16, 2010

Butterick 5365

It's been a busy weekend!  I did participate in the Jacaranda 10K Saturday morning, bright and early.  The description for the race stated: This race is point to point with only one hill.  Funny, I didn't connect the fact that the whole entire route was the hill, until just before the race began.  Let me just say, I'm not sure I will be running in that competition again!  However, it was just as gorgeous as I thought it would be and I am glad I didn't miss it!  I was also privileged to be in the audience for DS #2 and DS #3's piano recital Saturday night.  I wore this outfit.  Today, I rubbed shoulders with other budding artist's parents at an "art show" featuring all three DS's work. Fun, fun, fun, truly!  But this blog is really all about sewing so let's talk about Butterick 5365, view A, made with a drapey cotton lawn!

This pattern is another winner!  All the pieces went together without any difficulty.  A couple of nice things about it include: sizing, collar attachment and sleeve hems. 

The size ranges from XS to 6X and gives tips for how to make alterations for your particular body shape.  I made the size small and didn't need to make any adjustments.  It is a comfortable fit; loose but not sloppy.  The tucks in the shoulder help shape the area for your bosom.  I was worried I might have too much room, but I think it worked out ok.  

The main reason I like the collar on this pattern is because you only use a 3/8" seam to attach it to the bodice.  There is less need to fiddle with stretching the neckline to fit with a smaller seam allowance.  Also, the shape of the collar is nice and is sized appropriately in relation to the style of blouse. 

Finally, to hem the sleeves all you do is turn the hem up toward the wrong side of the sleeve 1.25", then again 1.25".  Next you stitch the lower edge of the sleeve 1/4" from the bottom.  Then turn your sleeve right side out and pull the sleeve hem down.  Now you have a nice "cuff" that won't move around or come unfolded and the inside is clean.  Picture of inside sleeve here.  I will use this method again, perhaps even on cuffs for shorts.

Close up: Sleeve, shoulder, collar

Remember how I said I wanted to make Simplicity 2451 in a lightweight denim.  Well I found the perfect cut of black lightweight denim at Walmart and made the version I had envisioned.  I like it with this blouse, because the blouse has a dark charcoal color in it.  You can see my earlier version of this pattern here.  The only thing I did different on this skirt was to add topstitching and eliminate the tabs on the waist.  This skirt is versatile and I am sure I will wear it with many different tops.  I wore this outfit today for the "art show". 

Close up: Top Stitching

Now on to the week ahead! 


Uta said...

A very pretty outfit, and perfect workmanship. I wish I could topstitch like that. Congrats on the race and your artistic sons! said...

I love the print on your blouse and with skirt it's a great match.

Jackie O said...

Good looking outfit!! Great topstitching!!

Home's Jewels said...

Wow - love the whole outfit. I think I have the skirt pattern - must make that one! Can I just send you my address for that blouse - LOVE it!! :)